Nurturing Clutter Circle


More than just a membership

A membership that supports, cares and inspires. A place for you to learn, understand yourself a bit more, connect with others and have a bit of fun along the way! 
This is all about you and finding happiness in daily life as well as decluttering.

This is a community like no other.

Does this sound like you?

• Are you feeling emotional pain each morning when you wake up and look at your home?

• Do you feel like you are the only person living as you do?

• Do you fear a knock at the door?

• Are you keeping your hoarding behaviours a secret?

• Is the hoarding eating you up inside and all consuming during your waking hours?

• Are you waking up each day wanting to declutter and going to bed not getting anywhere?

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if ....

If you could be part of a community where you were not alone any more.

How amazing would it be if ........

Others in your circle understood how you feel and recognise how hard it is to change things.

How amazing would it be if ........

You had a space to turn to any time for help and support or just a listening ear.

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Donna Hall. I have a passion for helping each and every person I work with live their best life whatever that looks like on any particular day and given moment.

I have been working in mental health field for some time and work with people who are experiencing hoarding behaviours on a daily basis. I understand what you are going through. 
Within my daily work I also am working with neurodivergent people and understand that a step by step process works best.

I am here to help you as are the rest of our amazing community. This group is not about 1 task a day (but it can be when the time feels right)

To be able to moving forward with your wellbeing and clutter there is one really important thing that needs to be in place.

No it is not decluttering . It is to feel safe. Until you feel safe, you will not be able to move forward. So the first step in this community and membership is to feel safe.

Once you feel safe, you can then start to unpack the why of the hoarding behaviour and consider ways to move forward. We are her to help when the time is right.

I am here to hold your hand and help you through, whether it is actual decluttering or working on mindset and mental health first. There is nothing to say the decluttering must start today or next week. You are in charge of your journey.

It's time to take that next step. Come and join our membership and with a feeling of safety you will start to regulate your nervous system. Once this happens things will move forward. I am here to help.

I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Nurturing Clutter Circle Membership

A membership providing support, community, ideas and help every step of the way.

We will be with you throughout your journey, whether that is moving forward with your decluttering or just coming to terms with your situation and finding safety.

This is a membership that will offer real time action and support.

A membership where you are understood and no longer alone.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


Facebook Group & community

A Facebook group for members only. This group will be a community where everyone can share their success and their challenges. A place to support each other and praise. Where we will share our weekly live sessions and other learning.


Weekly Live sessions

Weekly live sessions on Facebook run by Donna who will focus on the journey of decluttering, understanding ourselves more and top tips and support.

All available to watch on catch up on Facebook.


Regular Power hour sessions

Regular power hours sessions. These sessions will be run on Zoom and are a time for everyone to focus on decluttering. Donna will over see the session and is available to discuss any challenges you are coming across.


A membership area and platform

There will be a membership area where you can log on and access all the information and membership perks.


Resources and how to guides

As a member you will have access to many how to guides for organising and day to day tasks such as creating shopping lists and how to carry out daily home care tasks.


Short courses

Short courses and videos information and training.


Support available in your area

As we develop over time there will be a bank of services available in various areas across the UK. Donna is currently training people in her empathetic way of supporting people in their homes and once training is complete these people will be offering decluttering services in various areas.



Discounts on any other courses that Donna or her team create. Donna will be putting together a 10 week hoarding course supporting decluttering as well as other courses linked to mindset.



Blogs that are relevant and of value. These blogs will take a deep dive look into how hoarding and clutter develops and ways we can make small changes to make our home a happier place.

For just £10.00per month

OR £100 For the year.

“Donna and Den have changed my life. They have given me the tools and support to work with and keep my home clutter free. Not only have they given me my life back they have changed my life for the better.”


"Donna these sessions are so powerful"


“Donna speaks so much sense, she is always so calm and relaxed which helps me deal with my difficult situation”

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Membership is on a monthly basis and you can leave any time. No yearly sign up

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