Your First Year In The Cleaning Industry

Are you thinking of starting a cleaning round or business? If so this free training is for you.

If you are a solo cleaner or cleaning business owner and just want a refresher or recap this is also for you.

About the Guide:

Donna will share all her learnings over the past 4.5 years. This video training is full of ideas and practice to enable your cleaning business grow.

Donna hall

The specialist cleaning group

A bit about Donna:

Donna Hall is leading the way in courses. coaching and training in the cleaning industry. With many years experience as a teacher Donna now runs a cleaning business which is 4.5 years old. Her cleaning business is run in partnership with her husband Den and they have a team of over 20 staff. Donna is a qualified business strategist, training life coach and clinical hypnotherapist.

Donna's moto is "If I can, I will"

Her why - is the be the best version of herself each day. In turn, Donna wants to help you live your best life, whatever that looks like you at any given time.

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