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Cleaning business owners do you need more sales in your business? 

If so this VIP in person sales day is just for you.

We will take actions on the day which will start your sales flowing straight away.

Sign up today if you are serious about growing your business.

6 spaces only.

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This is for you if you want

• Some help and support with sales in your cleaning business.

• To fill up additional hours to boost your income.

• To gain confidence in the whole sales process.

• To gain more clients and make more money.

• To attract more of the right clients.

• To go into each month feeling confident you will reach your goals.

Are you wanting to get consistent sales and clients, but feel a bit stuck?

Are you fed up of

❌ Not knowing how to generate leads.

❌ Implementing techniques to get clients but still not getting results.

❌ Inconsistency and random marketing.

❌ Struggling to find your ideal client.

❌ Not having a real plan to reach your goal each month.

Imagine a world where?

Your sales funnel is working and you have consistent leads converting to clients.

You have a business where you know where you are at with your goals on a daily basis.

You know where your idea clients are and how to reach them.

I get it I was stuck once too.

I started my cleaning business in 2020 just before the pandemic. I had never been a business owner. I had never had to make sales.

But I had to find a way through. I had no money and both myself and my husband were running this business together. We had no savings. We moved the cheapest rental property we could find for our needs. Put our heads down and found a way through. We had no choice! I believed 100% that this would work. We made mistakes, we did not chase up quotes, we did not follow up leads, I squirmed at asking those difficult questions.

But then I realised.

People needed our service. They also needed to know we were there. As well as this, they needed prompts and reminders. I thought about how I purchase (I purchase slow) I take my time. If others were like me I needed to recognise that sales do not always happen as soon as I send out the quote.

So I implemented my 5 a day strategy. It works for healthy eating! It can work for sales.

This system has transformed my lead generation, my quoting, my conversion and my up sales.

It can take as little as 15 minutes a day as well.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:


VIP Sales Day!

This Sales Day is like no other in the industry.

Saturday 19th October

10am - 4pm

Marsh Gibbon (Near Bicester)

Lunch provided.

Bring yourself and a usable device, eg laptop or tablet.

Learn how to implement my 5 a day into your business.

We will actively take action on the day. This is not a sit and listen day!

Ready to make more sales?

A total value of: £437

On sale for 2024 only for just £297!!!!

Secure your spot today!

Only 6 spaces.

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